HANDS ON are experts in special effects, supplying a huge range of pyrotechnics, and with various machines available for hire to create wind, fire, snow, flame and smoke effects. We can even provide rain and water effects with our Green Goddess fire engine. 

As agents for Le Maitre, we supply theatrical flash, glitter bursts and many other pyros. 

Confetti at a corporate event or a puff of smoke for Cinderella - we have the sparkling solution. 


HANDS ON are not only weapons experts, we can design and create special effects such as bullet hits. You are in safe hands with the HANDS ON Technical Director, who is a member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers. 

We can safely create fire effects, from campfires to explosions. We have indoor and outdoor smoke machines for hire, as well as wind machines and our Green Goddess fire engine. You can decide the weather - and we can get the effects to the most difficult locations.

Producers the world over rely on us, knowing that their projects are safe in our hands.




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