Prop Skull

We have an eclectic collection of film and stage props, from candlestick telephones to leopard heads. 

We also supply theatrical items such as breakable bottles, rubber baseball bats, fake barbed wire, halloween props such as body parts and skulls - to name just a few.

Our weapon collection is complemented with a range of uniforms, helmets, holsters and suits of armour - but we also have crowns, flags and tabards for those not involved in combat.

If you are arranging a party, exhibition or event and require theming, we have the props to make your vision a reality. Even weddings have had the HANDS ON treatment.

No request is too silly or outrageous - we relish the chance to source something totally out of the ordinary.Santa's sleigh, American fire hydrant, three-toed sloth..? We can help!





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