Filming in Scotland - a Gift for Film-Makers

For film-makers the world over, Scotland is a gift. They travel from far and wide, and not just for the breath-taking scenery, interesting lighting and dramatic skies which our ever-changing climate provides. We really do have everything here, from decaying urban landscapes, historic castles and majestic mountains to uninhabited beaches stretching far into the distance. 

But the real reason they come here is the large wealth of experienced and resourceful local crew. The Scots are accommodating and friendly people, with a no-nonsense work ethic, which is appreciated by travelling production units.

Hands On has worked in Scotland for the best part of 30 years, and has travelled the length and breadth of the country serving the film-making community. 

Hands On is primarily regarded as a supplier of weapons to film, TV and theatre: but they also supply stunt rigging, staging, drapes and special effects. Whilst bullet hits are their speciality, they have a range of effects at their disposal, from snow and wind through to smoke, water and mechanical effects. Perry Costello, their Technical Director, is a member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers, and can supply pyrotechnic effects ranging from body hits, car explosions, fires and military munitions to a set-piece firework display. 

Costello claims: "A typical days work filming in Scotland requires an understanding of the local supply network, so it makes sense for producers from abroad, and indeed the rest of the UK, to make use of the local talent. This is why we get involved in so many international projects." 

Hands On has worked on four Bollywood Movies over the last decade, and Costello says: "The producer from overseas always has to take a leap of faith when contracting unknown facilitators. But they are in safe hands with Hands On, because we always deliver the goods. We love a challenge and we love working for companies with high expectations."

A recent highlight for the company was working on "Blooded", which was filmed on the beautiful island of Mull. Hands On were contracted to supply weapons and bullet hit effects. They were also responsible for hanging the lead actress upside down - during a torture scene - and supervising the safety implications of such a stunt. 

For Costello, it is too difficult to say what the "highlight" of his career has been. "The last job is the one you cherish the most, because the last bit of your professional soul went into making it a success for the client." 

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